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Our history of excellence in the educational supplies industry began in 1968...

       Spectrum Educational Supplies specializes in supplying learning tools that focus on hands-on, manipulative based learning.   We realized very early on in our history that each student learns in a different way and a classroom that provides a combination of learning tools spanning rote memory development as well as hands on learning/exploration, usually proves to be the most effective learning environment.   Working with educators and teachers we have identified or developed the most complete selection of manipulative based learning tools in the industry.

       Spectrum Nasco’s nine discipline-specific educational catalogues have been instrumental in bringing the classroom to life with products designed with a common purpose – education.   Our catalogues cover Arts & Crafts, Early Learning, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Science & Technology, Literacy, Physical Education, Special Education, Secondary Mathematics, and Secondary Science.   They contain thousands of products that are used around the world in educating children.   We offer IT based products, plastic manipulatives and thousands of product specific resource books. We have focused on this discipline specific approach to serve you better.   Each catalogue is supported by an expert and dedicated catalogue director whose job it is to focus on that curriculum area and ensure that our product offering is everything you might need.

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