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Drawing 365
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Make drawing a part of your daily life, while turning every day into inspiration for your art. Designed to fit your life, Drawing 365 presents a comprehensive art course in bite-sized chunks - so it’s easy to dip in, even for just five minutes at a time. Open it daily to find a new tip, idea, technique, or challenge all aimed at getting you into the habit and mindset of an artist. You’ll find expert insights on everything from value, perspective and composition, to hot to use a shadow box, compose a self-portrait in the form of a still life, and work from life. Contents are presented in three sections:

The basics: how to get started, achieve successful results and continue improving.

Subjects: still lifes, people, animals, landscapes, interiors, flowers, water, and skies. The possibilities are all around you!

Mediums: sample a wide variety, including coloured pencil, pastel, pen, ink, and watercolour.

For beginning artists as well as practicing artists wishing to push their work to the next level, this guide will help you build skills, gain confidence and achieve creative happiness. Day to day, it makes drawing fun and rewarding. Exactly as it should be.



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