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Know the Artist - 8 Posters: Set 2
Prod.# 216566 

Includes: Michelangelo; van Gogh; Calder; Matisse; Frankenthaler; Lichtenstein; Hokusai; and Hopper. Grades 7+. Provides an overview of important artistsí lives, works, and styles. Each informative poster is a handy reference for your students and is an easy way to learn about each artist through reproductions of their art, interpretive diagrams, maps, and timelines. A useful, 24-page teacherís guide accompanies each set of posters. Contains a reference photograph of each poster, comprehensive biographical information, and a section on how to recognize the artistís style and work. Suggested activities are included and relate to each artistís style. Features of each poster include: portrait of the artist; a large reproduction of an important work by the artist; descriptions of the artistís life; maps locate where the artist worked and lived; interpretive diagrams reveal each artistís style; a gallery provides additional examples of the artistís work; and a timeline relates the artistís life to important art periods and world events. Printed on heavy cardstock with holes for hanging and a protective UV coating. Each poster measures 18" x 24".



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