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NASCO “Pro-Formance” Oil Paintin Hover to Zoom! 
NASCO “Pro-Formance” Oil Painting Assortment
Prod.# 3100373 

Includes: One hand-cupped No. 2 round red sable brush for fine detail in oil painting on black polished, 23.13 cm (9 1/4") handle; one hand-cupped No. 6 red sable bright brush for smooth textural effects in oil, on black polished, 23.13 cm (9 1/4") handle; three fine, boiled and straightened white bristle brushes, hand-cupped to a fine edge with natural "flag" ends, in Nos. 2, 4, and 6 on clear varnished and tapered handles 23.13 cm (9 1/4"); and one finest quality, white bristle, round No. 2 brush on clear varnished, 23.13 cm (9 1/4"), tapered handle. seamless polished aluminium ferrules. 6-piece set. Grades 9+.



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