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AMACO Amazing Glaze! NEW Hover to Zoom! 
AMACO® Amazing Glaze - Twelve 473 mL Classroom Pack
Prod.# 9707332 

Safe for your classroom! A great assortment of professional studio glazes at an unbeatable price! Low-fire Cone 05.This assortment offers a good colour choice.

Includes LG-42 light green, O-11 white clover, O-42 moss green, O-52 fuchsia, O-57 mottled burgundy, O-30 autumn leaf, LG-1 true black, LG-10 clear, LG-24 light blue, LG-52 petal pink, LM-60 daffodil yellow, and LT-15 speckled blue-gray. Nontoxic, lead free. Made in the U.S.A.

12-colour set. Twelve 473 mL jars.



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