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Yarka Student Watercolour 12-Pan Set
Prod.# 9711245 

Use the best and pay less! Inspired by masters, Yarka Semi-Moist Watercolours have been made in a Russian paint factory for more than one hundred years. Yarka Semi-Moist Watercolours are truly the best watercolour for your students. These richly pigmented, semi-moist pans have a creamy consistency that wet easily with a brush and will produce results typically seen in only professional watercolours. You will be amazed by the dramtic colours and best of all we give you more paint for your money. The Yarka 8 pan set easily has more than double the paint of competing brands at a similar or lower cost. Pan sets come in 8's, 10's, or 12 colours and all carry the AP designation. Introduce your students to Yarka Semi-Moist Watercolours today!



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