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Scratch-Foam® Board Printing Plates, 9" x 12" - (Pack of 48)
Prod.# 9712858 

An economical way to introduce printmaking to your students! Looks like a linoleum print. No sharp tools needed. Produce dozens of beautiful, sharp prints quickly, easily, safely, and economically. Simply use a ballpoint pen, pencil, or stick to draw on these “soft-as-butter,” white foam sheets. Either side of the printing plates can be used, allowing you to make to different prints on each plate. Compresses easily.

Objects can be pressed into the sensitive Scratch-Foam® surface to create shapes, forms, and textures. Ink the plate with water-based block printing ink, tempera, or acrylics. Rub with a stick or roll with a brayer and create unlimited prints on your favourite paper. Easy to clean and store. Package of 48.

Size: 9" x 12"



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